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INFOS from eco.tur
It´s main reference point is the town of Andaraí, in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil, although this superb cave is located in Itaetê (BA) municipality. Inside there´s the world famous geological formation named Enchanted Well - or Poço Encatado. There, the sunlight ray reflected by minerals in the water, especially magnesium, creates an unique spectacle inside the transparent waters in the darkness of the cave. Between April and September there happens the alignment phenomenon, in a such a way that the rays hit the deep ground of the blue well inside the cave. On full moon nights between October and March you have the same exquisite scene under the moonlight. To visit the place beginning in Andaraí, you should take the State road BA-142, driving for 22km until the entrance to Itaetê. From there you drive 19km more and more 4km in a paved narrow road to get to Mr Migeuel Mota´s little farm, who is in charge of the place in name of Ibama, the federal environment agency. There are strict rules to be observed, such as the maximum number of people at once. Since 1992 is prohibited to swim in Enchanted Well.

GPS: -12.962106, -41.099183

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